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Item # ADM07103221
Personal Collection
Adamite Crystals on Limonite
matrix from Mapimi, Mexico

Here's an excellent Large display specimen of Adamite from our Personal Collection.
This piece has an attractive group of sharp yellow Adamite crystals on red brown
Limonite matrix. The Adamite crystals have a nice vitreous luster. This is an old stock
1950's specimen we obtained from the James Smedley Collection "Mineral Museum"
in Follansbee, WV. The price we have set on this piece is about 1/3 of its retail value.
Comes with mineral tag from Mineral Museum and SpiritRock Shop Card. Last Photo
shows fluorescent view under 13W Way-Too-Cool SW Ultra Violet light.

This specimen weighs 18.9 oz or 1.18 lbs (537g)
and measures 4.8 x 2.9 x 2.2 inches (12.3 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm)
Adamite is a favorite among collectors of fluorescent minerals because of its consistent bright
green fluorescence under short wave and long wave UV light. It also makes a wonderful
mineral specimen in normal daylight or artificial light. The typical yellow to green color of its
high luster Adamite crystals that form on top of normal brick red-orange limonite matrix make
these specimens really attractive.

Adamite is a Zinc Arsenate Hydroxide mineral. It is a mineral that typically occurs in the
oxidized or weathered zone above zinc ore occurrences. Pure Adamite is colorless, but usually
it possesses a yellow color due to Iron mixed in the mineral structure. A green color may also
occur and is due to copper mixed in the mineral structure. The yellow to green colored crystals
with their distinctive lime green fluorescence make Adamite a favorite among mineral
collectors. Adamite is found in Mapimi, Mexico; Greece; in the USA in California and Utah.
Adamite occurs as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zone of zinc and arsenic bearing
hydrothermal mineral deposits. It occurs in association with Smithsonite, Hemimorphite,
Olivenite, Calcite, Quartz, Iron and Manganese oxides.