Large Amethyst Point Roraima, Brazil
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This specimen weighs 2.68 lb ( 1214g )
and measures @ 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 3 1/2
The Amethyst is removable from the stand and is cut flat for free stand
Item # RBAM0609001
Huge  2.68 Lb Amethyst
Point from Roraima, Brazil

Mount Roraima is an immense table mountain with a total surface area of 26 square miles, twelve of which
are on the summit. Its sheer wall of red rock rises powerfully almost 10,000 feet up from the forested slopes. It
is the largest and highest mountain of the Guiana Highlands. The borders of Brazil, Guiana and Venezuela
meet on the mountain. Roraima is a mysterious, often misty mountain, with very unique plant and life-forms,
the perfect setting and basis for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1912 novel “The Lost World”.
In this fascinating novel, Ed Malone, a newspaper reporter is trying to win the heart of a young woman. Malone
asks for and is assigned the glamorous and risky task of interviewing the temperamental Professor
Challenger about his claims of seeing live dinosaurs on a plateau on the South American continent. To
document his findings, Professor Challenger asks Malone to join his expedition team on a return voyage to
this strange "lost world." When the expedition arrives at the plateau location, they find that not only are the
Professor's claims true, but the all-too-real dinosaurs that inhabit the place present a serious threat.
Challenger, Malone, and the team encounter flying pterodactyls as they explore and find a mysterious race of
human-like creatures that attack the expedition. The world around them offers discoveries they never could
imagine, but its hazards may prove too much for the weary explorers. Will they ever escape this bizarre place
and return to the safety of their homes? And if they do, who will believe their amazing adventures? Two Classic
movies were made based on this adventure, “The Lost World”, and “Return to the Lost World”. A television
series was also done on BBC and in the USA.
We were lucky to stumble upon a few specimens of the very large amethyst points that were newly discovered
in the Roraima region. There are very few of these around and they only come from Roraima, Brazil. The
weight of these makes shipment from Brazil very expensive, but owning a piece of “The Lost World” was just
too much to pass up so we procured a few specimens. We are now reorganizing our personal collection and
are happy to present a specimen of this unique Roraima Amethyst Crystal point on wooden base to our
customers. This is one of a kind and we do not expect to find more of these in the future.