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Break Open Real Geodes
Starter Science Kit
 Discover the Incredible Crystals found in Geodes that are Mother Nature’s natural wonders. These
hollow rocks have beautiful crystals inside waiting to be discovered. You will get to break open two
different types of geodes and reveal dazzling crystal caves hidden inside.  This family fun project is for
everyone. You will love breaking open geodes with this unforgettable science starter kit which includes
four premium-quality geodes, a magnifying glass, an 11 page adventure guide which includes instructions
on how to crack open a geode, an 11 page activity booklet, a geode display stand, and safety goggles.
also send four Rockhound Logo cloth drawstring bags to keep your geodes in and a vinyl rockhound
. This is an excellent start for children’s rock collections. Finding crystals inside an old grey rock
sparks imagination and curiosity in children (and adults too!). This kit should be adult assisted for children
(not recommended for children younger than 3 years old…small parts present a choking hazard).

Customers have suggested;
“Use a chisel and hammer to gently scribe a circle around the geode. Be patient. Keep going around the geode. Eventually
it will separate. Ours cracked in perfect halves!”
“The sock method was safer than the hammer and chisel method, but you lose the surprise of seeing the crystals inside as
it breaks open, enjoyed both methods!”

Great Birthday or Christmas Gifts!
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Break Open Real Geodes Starter Science Kit

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