Herkimer Diamonds
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Item # HD126004
Two Herkimer Diamonds  in Drusy Vug Matrix
Two Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz) in Drusy Vug Matrix
Nice Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz) in a very complimentary vug display matrix.  This specimen has 2 Quartz Diamond
formations, the largest being just over .4" ( 10 mm )  and the smaller being @ .2" (5 mm) This piece is flat cut on the
bottom for display showing. This Specimen
weighs 116 g (4.1 0z) and measures 3.3 x 1.3 x 1.1 inches (8.5 x 3.4 x
2.8 cm)
Four Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz) on Drusy Matrix
Nice Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz) on matrix. This specimen has 4 Quartz Diamond formations, a triple with a side single,
the largest being just over .4" ( 10 mm )  and the smallest being @ .2" (5 mm) There is some damage to the points on 2 of
the crystals, but still a very nice Multiple Crystal Piece. From Herkimer, NY. This
Specimen weighs 31 g ( 1 0z ) and
measures 1.5 x 0.9 x 1.3 inches ( 3.9 x 2.2 x 3.3 cm )
Item # HD126005
Four Herkimer Diamonds on Drusy Matrix
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Herkimer Diamonds are totally natural formations of sparkling double-terminated, exceptionally hard, quartz crystals
which are found in Herkimer County, New York.  These gemstones formed about five hundred million years ago.  
Herkimer crystals are the magnificent artistic results of Mother Nature’s work. They are found in vugs or pockets in the
host limestone rock (often called dolorock or dolomite). They rival any stone that has been precision cut by man. Since
they naturally have a diamond-like geometrical shape, they were given the name “Herkimer Diamonds”

A void which contains a single Herkimer diamond is referred to as a vug. If multiple diamonds are found in the void it is
called a pocket. A black coal like lining of Anthraxolite often occurs inside the vugs and pockets where Herkimer
Diamonds are formed, giving the vugs or pockets a solid black  appearance. Some crystals are found with black
inclusions. The locality of the Anthraxolite both inside and outside of the crystal, suggests it was present before, during,
and after the crystals were forming. There are many versions and legends of how these majestic gemstones formed.

The double terminated Herkimer Diamond silica crystals are very rare in nature and it is suggested that these crystals
were able to form without having been attached to the host rock matrix during the critical growth period. This occurred
because silica has no attraction to the dolomite rock and avoids attachment to it. The majority of quartz crystals form in
rock rich in silica and this usually results in the quartz forming with at least one end of it attached to the host rock.

The perfect Herkimer Diamonds have eighteen faces. Six triangular faces form the termination points on each end of the
crystal with six square or rectangular center faces connecting the ends. This results in a diamond shape. Deviation in the
face plane on a Herkimer Diamond has been measured at less than two thousandths of an inch. Man has to work with
great precision to even come close to Mother Nature’s perfect formation of the Herkimer Diamond.
If you are going "walkabout" on a vacation or rock hunting trip you can
actually visit the Herkimer Diamond Mines/KOA located in Herkimer
County, New York. You can dig out your very own Herkimer Diamonds!

the Herkimer Diamond website is
Herkimer Diamond Mines
4601 State Route 28
Herkimer, NY 13350
315.717.0175 (weekdays) or 315.891.7355 (weekends & evenings)
Mining these diamonds is no easy task. The Dolomite matrix rock is very solid and hard. It must be split and broken with
sledge hammers and chisels. This is a very labor intensive process. Kristen Gum did an episode of Cash & Treasures in
December of 2007 called Herkimer Diamonds, NY. That episode shows the hammer and chisel work required to find
these treasures.  We are providing this Youtube link of that episode that was posted by Terry Goff  

The DVD of Cash & Treasures: Collection 1 is still currently available with this episode and more.
from the DVD Jacket...
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embarks on an exciting journey uncovering lost relics, buried gems and other riches. You won't believe the wealth of materials out
there...possibly just footsteps from your front door!
Episodes: Herkimer Diamonds, NY; Morel Mushrooms, MI; Turquoise, NV; Emeralds, NC; Gold, AK; Agates, MI; Tourmaline, CA;
Copper, MI; Petrified Wood, OR; Dinos, SD; Star Garnets, ID; Ginseng, WV; Fire Agates, CA; Jade, CA.
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Item # HD09135854
1960's Collection Piece
Two Herkimer Diamonds in
Matrix with Anthraxite lined

Old Stock Specimen; Two Herkimer Diamonds in Matrix with Anthraxite lined Vugs
1960's Collection Piece! We found this XL matrix specimen at a rock show in North Carolina. It is a large
cabinet display with two Herkimer Diamonds, one each in two vugs that are lined with anthraxite
(hydrocarbon). The larger diamond is loose and free floating and has a couple minor chips from being free
while piece was moved. It is about 1 inch long and is very clear. The 2nd diamond is held in place by
anthraxite lips and the diamond is about 7/8 inch. This specimen was in dry storage for the past 30 years.
This is a very nice  and Rare find!

weighs 41.5 oz or 2.59 lbs (1177g) and measures 8.7 x 4.1 x 2.6 inches (22.1 x 10.6 x 6.7cm)