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Item # PYRO0209001
Old Stock Pyromorphite
from the Wheatley Mine

This is an "Old Stock" specimen from the 1950's of Pyromorphite
from the Wheatley Mine in Phoenixville, PA.
It comes with the original Mineral ID tag from the Willis' Earth
Treasures-Minerals shop in Stewartsville, NJ where it was
originally purchased in the 1950's by the collector we got this
specimen from.
The location commonly called the "Wheatley Mine" in Phoenixville,
Chester County, PA is actually a series of classic lead, zinc mines
located on one ore body.  The mines consisted of the Wheatley
Mine, the Phoenix Mine, and the Brookdale Mine, all owned and
operated by Charles Wheatley, and the Montgomery Mine, the
Chester County Mine, the Roberts Mine and a few smaller claims.
The Wheatley Mine, opened in 1851, is by far the most
outstanding source of beautiful and rare lead, zinc, copper and
vanadium minerals in the eastern United States.  Pyromorphite
from the Wheatley Mines is among the finest in the world!
This specimen weighs 0.19 lbs (87g) and measures 2.1 x 1.6 x
1.2 inches (53 x 41 x 30mm)
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Named in 1813 from the Greek for "fire" and "form" because after being melted into a globule a sample will begin to
take on a crystalline shape during cooling.
A secondary lead mineral found in the oxidized zones of lead deposits (Lead Chlorophosphate). Typically found as
green to yellow barrel-shaped hexagonal prisms, in clusters or as druses on matrix. The individual crystals are often
modified or etched, giving a hopper-like appearance. This lead chloride phosphate forms a complete series with
Mimetite , or Vandinite and many specimens are partially developed formations between the two. Color is typically
green, but can also be yellow, orange and brown. Notable Occurrences include Idaho and Pennsylvania in the USA,
Mexico, Germany, England and Australia.