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The Rockhound Patch is a spin off of the Rockhound Sticker introduced at the California Federation of Mineralogical
Societies (CFMS) Show in Placerville, CA and at the combined American and Northwest Federation of Mineralogical
Societies (ANFMS) Show in Port Townsend, WA in July of 2002.
The bright yellow embroidered patch is 3 inches in diameter with a diagonal black rock hammer with the word
“ROCKHOUND” underneath. The patch was designed and developed to be an easily recognizable symbol for
rockhounds to identify one another. And it is also a great way to promote the rockhound hobby.
This patch is not intended to replace club or federation badges, it compliments them by saying “I am a Rockhound”. No
other words or motto's are necessary. In short, everyone, rockhound or not, will recognize it, thus widening your circle of
friends and helping you to learn of new locations and ideas. Use it anywhere and in any way to attract the attention of
other rockhounds. Use it to advertise that a rockhound is present and willing to talk about rocks, minerals, fossils and
related subjects. Look for the sticker where rockhounds may be present, such as campgrounds, potential collecting
areas, craft shows, etc.
3" Rockhound
Embroidered Patch
Item # RHP1

$4.00 each
(Includes shipping)

Promote rockhounding!
Let everyone know that you're a
rockhound!  Put one of these patches
on your jacket, sweats or coat and meet
other rockhounds everywhere, not just
on a rock hunt or a dig. Proudly display
your Rockhound Patch!

The Rockhound Emblem patch is
3 inches in diameter.

The Rockhound Emblem is Trademarked.
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