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Item # LEP07112522
Polished Freeform
from Brazil

This is a highly unusual and desirable Lepidolite specimen.
The dimensions of the stone are approximately 3-1/4 by 2-5/8 by 2-5/8 inches at the
extremes.  It weighs 1 pound and 1 ounce, and has a very nice polish. There is one very
small vug in the crystal.  You will likely feel it before you see it. The stone really sparkles
under halogen lighting, and I promise that you will be captivated by it.  This is a great
example of a fairly new and hard to come by Brazilian mineral form.

Lepidolite is an uncommon mica and has only in the past decade become available on the mineral market in
large quantities. Lepidolite is an ore of lithium and forms in granitic masses that contain a substantial amount of
lithium. The lithium content in lepidolite does vary greatly however and low lithium lepidolite is nearly useless as
an ore of lithium. The typical violet to pink color of lepidolite is characteristic and is the only field test available to
identify lepidolite from other micas. Pink muscovite or very pale lepidolite may confuse an identification.

Lepidolite, like other micas, has a layered structure of lithium aluminum silicate sheets weakly bonded together
by layers of potassium ions. These potassium ion layers produce the perfect cleavage. lepidolite crystals
accompany such other lithium bearing minerals such as tourmaline, amblygonite and spodumene and can add
greatly to the value of these specimens. A rock made of granular pink lepidolite and red to pink tourmaline is
used as an ornamental stone for carving. Single large plates or "books" of lepidolite can have appealling violet
color and make attractive mineral specimens.

Lepidolite is a Lithium bearing mica.  It’s common colors are lilac/rose with some gray and white mixed in.  The
mineral sparkles like crazy under bright light.  Best specimens come from Brazil.  Lepidolite is a relatively new
addition to mineral collecting.  We had never seen a Lepidolite freeform until a few months ago, and we really
like them.

Lepidolite Schist is found in the USA mostly in the Black Hills area. The colors there normally run pink/purple and
make nice collector specimens or more commonly are used for Landscape decoration...that would be "Yard
Rocks". The mica particles reflect the sunlight and make the schist variety a popular although rather rare
Item # LEPS07114681
Lepidolite Schist
Rough from the Black Hills

Here's a nice specimen of black hills pink/purple
extremely rare Lepidolite Schist
that weighs 4.66 lbs (2117g)
and measures
7.2 x 4.6 x 3.9inches ( 18.5 x 11.6 x 10cm).

Perfect for display, landscaping or garden decoration.
We picked this one up from a rock seller in Utah a few
years ago
Item # LM04128998
XL Lilac Purple
Lepidolite Lithium Mica
Crystal Cluster from

XL Lilac Purple Lepidolite Lithium Mica Crystal Cluster from Brazil

This is a beautiful specimen of sparkling rich lilac/purple colored Lepidolite Lithium
Mica from the Urubu (Vulture) Mine in Arucuai, Minas Gerais, Brazil. This is a rare
Old Stock Display Specimen from our personal collection and is one of our
favorites! We are listing this piece after receiving several requests for this
specimen. Pristine specimens like this with beautiful translucent lavender purple
color and an excellent luster displaying both Lepidolite Mica and matrix (which we
believe is Microcline) are very rare and those in existence were added to collections
years ago. We added a small touch of glue to firmly hold this piece in the display
base so the Lepidolite mica sheets would not be damaged while on display.
Everyone has to “pick this one up”…a truly magnificent piece!

This specimen weighs 3 lbs (1361g) and measures
6 x 5.3 x 3.4 inches (15.3 x 13.4 x 8.6cm)