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Rosasite and Mimetite

Rosasite is a carbonate mineral with minor potential for use as a zinc and copper ore. Chemically, it is a copper
zinc carbonate hydroxide with a copper to zinc ratio of 3:2, occurring in the secondary oxidation zone of copper-
zinc deposits. It was originally discovered in 1908 in the Rosas mine in Sardinia, Italy, and is named after the
location. Fibrous blue-green rosasite crystals are usually found in globular aggregates, often associated with red
limonite and other colorful minerals. It is very similar to aurichalcite, but can be distinguished by its superior
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Mimetite, whose name derives from the Greek Μιμητής mimetes, meaning "imitator", is a lead arsenate chloride
mineral which forms as a secondary mineral in lead deposits, usually by the oxidation of galena and arsenopyrite.
The name is a reference to mimetite's resemblance to the mineral pyromorphite. Industrially, mimetite is a minor
ore of lead. The chief use of mimetite is as a collector's specimen, often creating attractive botryoidal crusts on
the surface of the specimen. Though mimetite is also found in prismatic crystal forms, it is not used as a
gemstone due to its softness.
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Item # 1ROSMIM10160001
Old Stock Rosasite and
Mimetite from Waldo Mine NM

Here's an excellent Old Stock display specimen of Rosasite and Mimetite from the old Waldo Mine in
New Mexico. This specimen was obtained from a rock and mineral dealer in Socorro, New Mexico in
1993 and has been in our display case since then. A nice specimen from a unique locale.

This specimen weighs 5.9 oz or 0.37 lbs (170g)
and measures 2.8 x 1.9 x 1.7 inches (7.1 x 4.9 x 4.3cm)