SpiritRock Shop
Normal View of
Our Truck!
.....Of course if
you are a rock
hound, your truck
probably looks the
same way.
About Us...
Dan and Chris Edwards
Lake Toxaway, NC
Chris and  
Grand daughter
Exploring the
"Valley of Fire"
north of Las Vegas

Rock Hounds Forever!
We are amateur Rock Hounds ( 35 years of being an "amateur" Rock Hound ). We are not professional Geologists, nor do we claim to
be "Experts" in the field of Rocks and Minerals. We have been married now for 5
0 years. For 20 of those years Dan was in the US Navy,
as a result we got to travel extensively. In fact we travel so much our whole family refers to us as "Gypsies". The result of these travels is
a very large and very unique collection of rocks and minerals from all over the world. Some of our collection was bought, some traded
for and some self found. We have had the unique experience of meeting and getting to know the "Old Time" rock and mineral shop
owners across our country, an experience we will always remember and treasure. We gained a wealth of knowledge from these
wonderful and colorful characters along the way. Our children have fond memories of our cross country excursions when mom would
yell "stop here!", and our kids would both holler in unison "Rock Stop!" Chris would then proceed to hunt rocks and minerals along the
byways of America. Did you ever see the Lucille Ball movie "The Long, Long Trailer"...Where Lucy collects all the rocks in her new travel
trailer...That's Chris...to a "T"!

Why North Carolina?
If you haven't heard, the Smoky Mountains are just beautiful! (and we want to mine for some local emeralds)

Our Name.."SpiritRock" Shop
Our son Ben went to college at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Although he studied Astro-Physics, he got to know
many of the geology students, who were always helping him find and identify rocks. (He is always looking for unique specimens to give
to mom.)  One very special rock he found had a very different banding, so he had it cut and gave it to Chris. She took one look at the
rock, and with her parallel love of native American culture, saw an Indian spirit rising up from the earth with outstretched arms...she
immediately called this her "SpiritRock"...So our shop name was a natural when we decided to open our own online rock shop.

Our daughter Rebecca is getting into jewelery making and has shown great interest in taking over our SpiritRock Shop and developing
her own website to sell her line of jewelry.  When we decide to really retire....hope that's not too soon, it's great to know that all our work
will be passed on to future generations!
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