Chondrite Meteorites

Chondrite Meteorites
Meteorite Type: Stony


A Chondrite is a stone of meteoric origin characterized by chondrules and consisting of some of the oldest solid material in the solar system.  They are a common class of meteoric stones, characterized by large numbers of rather minute spherical crystalline grains.

A Chondrite is a stony (non-metallic) meteorite that has not been modified, by either melting or differentiation of the parent body. They are formed when various types of dust and small grains in the early Solar System fused together to form primitive asteroids. Some of these are captured in the planet’s gravity and become the most common type of meteorite by eventually falling to the Earth. They account for around 86% of our total meteorites found on earth.

In November of 2005 we stumbled upon the “robertarcheologie” store in the Czech Republic that was auctioning off this very unique Chondrite Meteorite carving made by a gentleman named Marc Labenne…

this is his story in his own words…

“Superb Big Lion made out of meteorite.  My name is Labenne Marc , you understand if you write my name in GOOGLE why I building carvings with meteorites. Over the last eight years, I've organized with my two sons many expeditions to find and collect new meteorites in the warm deserts of the world, primarily the Sahara and Oman. Our expeditions have led us to discover several thousand new meteorites, known by the names Sahara ( SAH ) and Dhofar (DHO) They have been the object of extensive scientific research in the world's largest universities, research institutes and museums in Europe, the United States and Japan. Our finds are exhibited in the most prestigious collections in the world - the British Museum in London, the Paris Museum of Natural History and Natural History museums in Vienna, Berlin, New York, Chicago and Tokyo.

Today this auction is a SUPERB Big Lion  long 80mm, 242g. Very big beautiful sculpture.  Need a heavy meteorite 525g for building this nice lion. Meteorites Chondrite This exclusive carving is made of rocks from space: Meteorites  This special Grade carving of Lion ME 31-04 is original. The term meteor comes from the Greek meteron, which means a phenomenon in the sky. It is used to describe the streak of light, produced as the matter in the solar system falls into the Earth's atmosphere while creating temporary incandescence, which results from the atmospheric friction. The Meteorite is a meteor that reaches the surface of the Earth without being completely vaporized. The majority of Meteorites are believed to be fragments of asteroids. This Meteorite Lion carving is made of chondrite Meteorite type chrondrite the so-called stony Meteorite . Radiometric dating of chondrites has placed them to the age of 4.550 billion years ago , which is the approximate origin of the solar system. Therefore they are considered pristine samples of early solar system matter. The meteorite work is very hard and it needs to have a big carving experience. Each carving is an original”

The Labenne family is now very well-known and respected in the meteorite world. This lion was one of the largest meteorite carvings Marc Labenne made.  This has been in our personal meteorite collection for the last 19 years. We are offering you the opportunity to own this exceptional one of a kind work of art that has significant historical value in the category of Chondrite Stony Meteorites of Sahara (SAH) and Dhofar (DHO).