Fluorescent NJ 1 Large Tan Willemite (Troostite) and Calcite with a Mylonitized section from the Sterling Hill Mine


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Calcite and Tan Willemite with a Mylonitized Section from the Sterling Hill Mine

AA Grade Extra Large Cabinet Calcite and Willemite from the Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey. This unique specimen explodes in color under SW Ultra-Violet light Calcite fluoresces a brilliant orange, Willemite a brilliant green with nice mylonitized layering distinctly visible at the bottom section of this rare museum size specimen. This piece is from an old collection. It has a white paint on marker with the lettering “UV 235 C/L” marked on it. That was the ID tag identifying this specimen as a 235nm SW (C) Ultra-violet light fluorescent specimen.  Our photos were taken with a Nikon CoolPix L-1 under a Way Too Cool 254 nm SW 9-Watt Lamp in a blackout display box. Own a Classic!

Specimen weighs 45.4 oz or 2.83 lbs (1.287kg) and measures 8.4 x 3.4 x 2 inches (22.1 x 8.6 x 5.2cm)

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Weight 2.83 lbs
Dimensions 8.4 × 3.4 × 2 in