Geo-Tac® Mineral Mounting Putty (Terostat)


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SpiritRock Shop Mineral Mounting Putty (Geo-Tac®Terostat)

SpiritRock Shop Mounting Putty This is the Mineral Tack (Mounting Putty) we use for mounting our valuable specimens! Geo-Tac® is an industrial grade of white specialty adhesive material (Terostat). It does not leave any oily residue, it will not stain your specimen, it will not dry out, it is easy to remove and it is reusable!

Geo-Tac® is not affected by heat, neither ambient temperature nor heat from halogen display lamps will affect its ability to dependably hold your specimens in place. We believe this is the very best Mineral Tack that is available!

Package contains 6ea 5 1/2″ long strips that are about 1/16″ x 3/16″ contains @70-75g per pkg

Safe to Use!!  MSDS Sheets Available by e-mail upon request with purchase


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