Very Rare Malachite Stalactite Fingers from the Star of the Congo Mine


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Very Rare Malachite Stalactite Fingers from the Star of the Congo Mine, near Lubumbashi, Shaba, (formerly Zaire) Congo

Stunning Malachite Stalactite Fingers. This is an outstanding specimen of lustrous, forest-green Malachite, composed six twisted, finger-like stalactite growths, one thumb-like stalactite growth, and one small spilt finger Paw like stalactite growth. They have a drusy- like coating on their surface that sparkles, is appealing and bright.

The individual fingers reach from 10” to 14.25” (25.4 to 36.19 cm) in length. The thumb reaches 3.4” (8.73 cm) in length. The small split finger “paw” stands 1.78” (4.5cm) tall, 1.34” (3.9cm) wide and 0.76” (1.9 cm) thick. These amazing “fingers” formed on a natural base of drusy coated Malachite that is 11 x 10 x 9.4” (27.9 x 25.4 x 23.8 cm)

This is a very heavy specimen that weighs 24.281 lbs or 388.5 oz (11.014 kg). For such a heavy but soft mineral there are relatively few bruises on any of the fingers. There are just a few very small bits of wear, mostly on the base, shown in the photos. All the major tips are complete. This specimen is very 3-dimensional, and complete all around!

This was procured by us in 2002 from a very reputable South African Mineral Dealer. We had it shipped to us in the USA through an international customs agent and it has been kept in a large glass display case in our private collection for the last 20 years. This piece has been a major centerpiece in our display cabinet and has been admired by many.

We have had many offers to sell this one of a kind specimen through the years, but we chose to keep it in our collection. Now that we are getting older, we feel it is time to let someone else enjoy the spectacular beauty of our very prized specimen.

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Weight 24.3 lbs
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