Pseudo Coyamito Agate
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Coyamito Agates get their name from the place where they were discovered which was Rancho
Coyamito, a large cattle ranch near Ojo Laguna in Mexico. Coyamito agates tend to have many
colors and inclusions typified by excellent fortification and dilations appearing as whisps or swirls.
Psuedo Coyamito Agates tend to have the characteristics of the original Coyamitos but were
formed in different minerals when the crystals grow in the gas cavity left in the volcanic andesite
rock. These crystals are believed to be aragonite in the case of the Coyamito Agate.

This extraordinary matched pair of Pseudo Mexico Coyamito Ranch Agates is from the Sonora, Durango or
Chihuahua area in Mexico. It is common for dealers there to claim that they all came from the Coyamito Ranch
area but in fact most specimens do not. This is a beautiful example of Pseudo morph development of the
famous Coyamito Agate. We much prefer the Pseudo versions to the original version as the Pseudo
Coyamitos have much more detail and character. These are sought after by collectors and a matched pair is
very difficult to find. This pair weighs 14.9oz (424g) and measures 3.5" wide by 2.1" high x 3.5" deep when
placed together (89 x 52 x 89mm)

Item# PCA0409506
Pseudo Mexico
Coyamito Agate Pair