Sonoran Desert Agate
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Agates from the Sonora Desert area are found from Arizona down into Sonora Mexico and are
some of the most stunning and well fortified agates we have seen. They range from white to blue
to pink and are highly sought after for making cabochons for jewelry. These tend to display the
unique 3D parallax views which make the stones look deep when viewed at different angles and
lighting. Quality collector specimens are very difficult to locate. Matched pairs are the most

This Sonoran Desert agate is a great blue eyed beauty. It is only fitting this wise old eye would wear a black
arm band after overseeing the desert for so many millions of years. Even though there's a black band across
one arm, the eye and main body of this stone is flawless. This is a beautiful example of white, pink and blue
lines of fortification with the lines giving a stunning parallax 3D effect. You get both halves of this brightly
colored beauty.
Size: 3.5" x 1.5" x 3" and 2" and these weigh 12oz

Item# SDA0109001

Sonoran Agate
"Eye of the Desert"
polished pair