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Item #AX08129997
XL Amber Onyx Egg
from Utah

Large 4.6" x 3" Amber
Onyx Egg from Utah

This specimen is from our
personal collection and is a
beautiful example of quality
Amber Onyx from Utah.

The color is an excellent shiny
electric orange with nicely
formed cells.  Photos taken in
natural sunlight

This specimen weighs
2.28 lbs or 36.5 oz (1036g)
and measures
4.6 x 3 inches
(11.7 x 7.7cm)

We bought this specimen
during our stay at Pinewoods
Resort. It was displayed on a
soap dish (listed below, see
photos after this listing) so we
bought both items as the soap
dish makes an excellent
display stand for this large
Amber Onyx is a translucent calcite found only in the Uinta Mountains, which are a high chain of mountains in
northeastern Utah. This was discovered in 1995 and Shamrock Mining Associates gained exclusive mining
rights to this unique and beautiful semi-precious Amber Onyx, also known as Honeycomb calcite or Honey

The name “Honeycomb Calcite” comes from the remarkable honeycomb appearance when viewing a
polished surface. The “honeycomb look” is formed by the growth of long fibrous or tubular cells and crystals of
honey-yellow calcite outlined by white membranes surrounding each cell. These cells grow in needle-like
bundles. This “bundling” adds strength and stability to the stone enabling larger pieces to be mined and

Variations that differentiate Amber Onyx from other forms of calcite are its color, unique crystal patterns
created by membrane structures that vary from small honeycomb type cells to larger open cells, translucency,
transparency, its ability to accept a high level of polish. This stone does not fade as readily in sunlight as
other forms of calcite. The color ranges from a soft, pale yellow to deep golden honey amber depending upon
the thickness of the stone. The coloring of the stone is attributed to sulphur deposits at the time of formation.
The stone is transparent and translucent, offering a luminous glow when accentuated by artificial, direct or
indirect lighting.

The patterns change depending upon the point of origin of the cell growth-ranging from a tight look of small
hexagonal cells grouped close together (like honey bee nests) to large cell areas that give a different
appearance where cells are at their maximum growth and minimum cell walls appear. Overall, this is an
interesting and unique find of a rare and valuable calcite that will make any collector happy! (We stumbled
across this find while staying at the Pinewoods Resort in Duck Creek, Utah. The owner of this resort also
owns Shamrock Mining who holds exclusive mining rights to this stone.) We will be listing more specimens in
the future as we finalize our supplier agreements.
These 2 photos show egg listed
above displayed on soap dish listed
below. If you would like these you
must purchase the egg and the soap
dish individually
Item #AX08129971
Amber Onyx Soap Dish
from Utah

Stunning Amber Onyx Soap
Dish from Utah!

This special dish measures
4.5 x 3 x 1.2"
(11.4 x 7.6 x 3.1cm) and
weighs 1.21 lbs (550g)

(Makes an excellent display
stand for egg listed above)
Item #AXS08128913
Amber Onyx 2.25 inch
Sphere from Utah

Beautiful "honeycomb Calcite" 2 1/4 inch (57mm) diameter sphere with nice patterns and a
beautiful deep honey coloring.
This sphere from Utah weighs 9.6 oz or 0.6lb (273g)
Item #AXS08127913
Amber Onyx 2.23 inch
Sphere from Utah

Beautiful "honeycomb Calcite" 2.23 inch (56mm) diameter sphere with nice patterns and a
beautiful deep honey coloring.
This sphere from Utah weighs 9oz or 0.56lb (255g)
Item #AXS08128942
Amber Onyx 1.9 inch
Sphere from Utah

Beautiful "honeycomb Calcite" 1.9 inch (49mm) diameter sphere with a single cell split pattern
and a beautiful deep honey coloring.
This sphere from Utah weighs 5.9oz or 0.37lb (168g)
Item #AXV08129923
Amber Onyx Storage Jar
from Utah

This one of a kind storage jar stands
4.7 inches (11.9cm) tall with an outside diameter of 2.7
inches (6.9cm).
The inside diameter is 2 inches (5.2cm) with a depth
of 3.46 inches (8.8cm).

The lid is solid and has an attached triangular shaped
handle. This truly is a once in a lifetime collectible piece. We
procured this specimen from the owners resort in Utah.
Weighs 1.19lbs or 19.1oz (542g)
Beautiful Amber Onyx 2.86 inch (7.2cm) long buffalo with a two cell split pattern and a beautiful
honey coloring. Buffalo stands 2inches tall (52mm) and is 0.85 inches wide (21mm). This was
also procured at the resort
This Buffalo from Utah weighs 4.18oz or 0.26lb (118g)
Item #AXB08129902
Amber Onyx Carved
Buffalo from Utah

Double click to see honeycomb pattern
Rare and Beautiful amber onyx rough from Utah. This specimen weighs 19oz or 1.18 lbs (539g)
and measures
4.7 x 2.7 x 2.6 inches (12.1 x 6.9 x 6.7cm) this super specimen is a beautiful deep
honey coloring and is an excellent stand alone display specimen.
Item #AXB08129909
Amber Onyx Rough
Specimen from Utah