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Item # WD08125908
Stunning Wave Dolomite
Polished Freeform Nodule

This is a wonderfully patterned rare stone known as Wave Dolomite, Rolling Hills Dolomite, or Desert Sandstorm . This
stone was discovered years earlier in a small pocket in Mexico and another small pocket has now been found again. It is
a stone that is in high demand.

Dolomite is a sedimentary carbonate rock and is found all over the world. Dolomite is both a mineral and a rock. The
mineral is the pure form, and Dolomite rock is composed mostly of Dolomite but also with impurities such as Calcite,
Quartz, and Feldspar. It is named for the French mineralogist, Deodat de Dolomieu. Dolomite is a fairly soft stone-about
a 3.5 to a 4.
Stunning Wave Dolomite polished freeform nodule
has beautiful wave lines, and interesting patterns
this stone is so well known for. This piece could be
cut up or kept as is for an eye catching display.
Polished all sides except natural bottom.

This piece weighs 13oz or .81lbs (369g)
and measures
3.84 x 3.01 x 1.39 inches (9.7 x 7.6 x 3.5cm)
Item # WD08124908
Sandstorm Wave Dolomite
1 cut and polished face. Nice orange brown and
yellow patterns with a mix of clear to white quartz.