Rare Geode from San Andreas Fault
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Item # SAFG0312000A
Rare Geode from the San Andreas
Fault in California


This specimen weighs 2.45 lbs (1113g) and measures
5.5 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches (14 x 9 x 7.9cm)

This Rare Specimen was hand dug out of the San Andreas
Rift Fault opening that is just out of Elkhorn Hills near Fellows
and Midoil which are NorthWest of Ford City and Maricopa.

We obtained this specimen from an old timer rockhound who
prospected from Needles to San Bernadino areas. He took a
trip years ago to view the visible Rift that transverses from the
Elkhorn Hills up through the Carrizo Plain where one can see
the actual movement history of the Fault.

Standing on one side of the trench viewing the other side,
viewing a reference point, The San Andreas Fault is
documented to be moving at a rate of 1.5 inches per year (that
is 125 feet every 1000 years) Often times there is no constant
movement and then a large quake occurs where 10 to 20 feet
of movement is visible. ( This was seen on the news years ago
showing a fence that used to go straight across the fault had

This specimen appears to be a rhyolitic -clay type of base
matrix that formed a gas bubble during a volcanic or
geo-thermal event and a vug was formed lined with quartz
crystal points. This specimen has been in our personal
collection for many years now.

Maps and Fault photos courtesy USGS Public Domain Library