Morion Quartz
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Item # MOR108001
XL Morion Quartz
Polished Flame Carving
from Madagascar
Extra Large Morion Quartz Polished Flame Carving

Morion quartz is my favorite in the quartz world. The energy is just so comforting and soothing that you just don't want
to put them down, and this beautiful flame is no exception. Its sleek form encourages you to hold it and follow the
flowing lines with both sight and touch. The interior glows a beautiful golden brown color in the light and throws
incredible rainbows from the internal natural fractures that could not be captured by the camera. This beautiful hand
carved flame is from Madagascar.

The flame measures 5.8" x 3.5" x 2.2" (148 x 89 x 56mm) and weighs 2.45 lbs (1110g).
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Morion Quartz
Morion quartz is naturally formed dark brown to black quartz,
created from exposure to natural radiation, and is a sister to smoky
quartz. Frequently black quartz is recreated by irradiating quartz in
commercial settings. While similar physical results occur, the
crystals have a much different feel.