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Item # SCOL04060490
2.18 lb Old Stock
cite from India
Scolecite Acicular Formation on matrix with Green Apophyllite Crystals

Another Old Stock Michigan Estate sale item! This EXTREMELY RARE large Scolecite formation from India is amazing!
Scolecite small specimens can run hundreds of dollars...This large specimen could be sub-divided and re-mounted to
make many desirable specimens...or you could just admire its beauty as it Excellent Investment either way! As
a bonus there are Green Apophyllite crystals mixed in on the base volcanic matrix. This specimen will be packed with
extra care taken but there will almost certainly be some damage that occurs in shipping due to the fragile nature of this
piece. Specimen will be shipped insurance USPS Priority Mail in the continental USA Only.

This specimen measures 4.3 x 4.4 x 3.4 in (109 x 113 x 86 cm) and weighs 2.18lb ( 987g )
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Though somewhat rare, Scolecite is a popular mineral among collectors. It forms in volcanic
bubbles called vesicles along with other zeolites. The Deccan basalt flows that cover 200,000
square miles of west central India are a prime source of fabulous Scolecite specimens.  Large
gas bubbles trapped in the solidified lava rock provide ideal sites for the formation of these
fabulous specimens.  Scolecite crystallizes into needle-like (or acicular) crystals that can vary in
size from almost hairlike to over 1 cm thick.  These are easily damaged upon removal and while
being handled so perfect specimens are virtually impossible to attain without some minor crystal
damage making perfect and near perfect specimens very valuable. Scolecite's sprays of
radiating crystals are magnificent. It is a mineral of secondary origin, and occurs with other
zeolites in the amygdaloidal cavities of weathered volcanic rock. Associated minerals include
quartz, Apophyllite, babingtonite, heulandite, stilbite and other zeolites. It was first described from
Kaiserstuhl in Baden in 1813. Fine divergent groups of prismatic crystals are found in the Deccan
Traps near Pune in India. This mineral is often also referred to as “poonahlite”.
Excellent Old Stock Estate specimen of Scolecite from India
This is an old stock estate specimen from a Michigan estate. Well formed larger acicular needle formation of
Scolecite on Stilbite. The peach colored pearlescent stilbite in contrast with the clear to white scolecite needles
with a coating of orange/brown colored minerals is outstanding!

This specimen weighs 1.05 lbs (474g) and measures 5.1 x 4.1 x 2.7 inches (131 x 104 x 69mm)
Item # SCOL0406401
1.05 lb Old Stock
cite from
Bombay India