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Opalite Spheres
Opalite is also known as Moonstone Quartz, Sea Opal, Slocum Stone, Opal
These shimmery, ghostly spheres project a blue sheen when placed against
most colors, but take on a yellowish tinge when against white. This man made
gemstone has a cloudy center and few visible inclusions. It is made of opalized
glass resin that is fused with metal to create an opalescent effect. Imitation Opal
is difficult to distinguish from precious opal with the naked eye. One of the very
special qualities of these Opalite spheres is that when around any light source,
these spheres will produce a glowing light of their own as visible in the photos.
The glow shown in the clear base is coming from the sphere.
Children love
this and say "it's like holding the moon in your hand"
. Opalite is widely
accepted as a gemstone though it is man made. Makes a great conversation
piece or "show and tell" item!

We carry
30mm (1.19") spheres,39mm (1.5") spheres
50mm (1.96") spheres
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Item # SOL10115130
30mm Opalite Gemstone
Sphere and Clear Sphere Stand
7 ea of these 30mm
now available!
Here's a superb example of a POLISHED MALACHITE SPHERE specimen from the ETOILE DE CONGO MINE in Katanga
Province in the CONGO. The sphere was handmade in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa and has a very slight
uneven feel to it but overall is of excellent workmanship. This is one of the finest spheres we have seen for displaying
different patterns and is a whopping
1.64 lbs (745g) and measures 3 inches (76mm) in diameter.
Every angle is a different view!           Excellent specimen for any collection!  
Item # SMAL111609701
3 Inch (76mm) Hand cut and polished
Malachite Sphere from South Africa

Item #OJS08169993
73.6mm Ocean Jasper Sphere from

Extremely unique Patterns in a Sphere from Madagascar! Pink, White, Cream, Green, Brown and
Tan with a bottom mix color of Green and Tan. This hard to find sphere has multiple Vugs, some
with botryoidal Brown formations, and some with Dark Green Botryoidal Drusy formations. There
are many orbicular formations on this sphere, including our favorites...the Pink ones. Stunning
colors and pattern formations give a different look from every angle.
This specimen weighs 17.9 oz or 1.12 lbs (509g) and has a diameter of 2.89" (73.6mm)
Item #JS09171002
82mm Jasper Sphere from

3 1/4"" Diameter Green and Brown Jasper Sphere with shadow patterns and
a nice mix of colors! The green patterns compliment the brown formations in
this very nice sphere. There are several natural fractures as is common with
jasper of this size.

This specimen weighs 24.4 oz or  1.53 lb (693g)
and has a diameter of 3.25" (82mm)
Will rebate excess shipping if more than one is purchased or e-mail us for shipping costs and
payment request
Item # SOL10114160
39mm Opalite Gemstone
Sphere and Clear Sphere Stand
1 of these 39mm
now available
Spheres are basically divided into 2 groups. The first group of spheres are mass produced, mostly in foreign countries.
The second and most desirable group of spheres, also the most expensive group, are hand made spheres. Making one
of these spheres is a labor of love and takes many, many hours of work to produce a finished product sphere. Typically
40 to 50 hours of work to make a single sphere is not uncommon.
We will show the process of hand making a sphere with a sphere machine. Spheres from select areas of the world are
made entirely by hand without using a machine to shape the sphere, these are extremely valuable. So if you see 2
spheres that may look similar and one has a low price and one has a high price, the low price is production made and the
higher priced one is hand made. (We will be using photos from Guy Adams in McKinleyville, CA who made this Kambaba
Jasper sphere for us for our personal collection)
First a nice rough specimen is selected
The piece is cut into a cube
Corners are cut to pre-shape
after 3 days
after 2 days
Loaded in the machine to rough shape
after undisclosed timeframe of polishing, the final product is done
after 4 days
Guy Adams produces some of the finest quality spheres we have ever seen!
We sell both hand made and production made spheres. Some of the prices are low to reduce inventory or reflect lower prices that we paid many years ago.
This Sphere is now listed
for sale on our Kambaba
Jasper Page!
Item # SLSB11166795
74mm Sodalite Sphere from

The deep shades of blue are beautiful and the patterns in the sphere accent the visual
display. This is a very nice collectors sphere that has been in our collection for several years.
It has natural fractures typical of this material.
This sphere weighs 18.2 oz or 1.14 lb (516g) and measures 2.92" (74.3mm) in diameter
Excellent Stromatolite Spheres with amphibian-like Orbicular patterns
and a very nice display.

Kambaba Jasper Spheres
Item # OF75S111600964
Rare 73.5mm Brecciated Tiffany
Stone Polished Sphere

Exceptional top grade Brecciated Tiffany Stone polished Sphere with a
beautiful color mix of purple opalized fluorite with chalcedony and bertrandite.  
Beautiful specimen from 2005 purchase which has been in our private
collection for the last 11 years. Has natural vugs and fractures normally found in
Tiffany Stone/Opalized Fluorite. An

Display weighs 18.9 oz or 1.18 lbs (537g)
and measures 2.89 inches (73.5mm) in diameter
Item #FLOSPH11160003
61mm Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite Sphere from China. It has natural
fractures and faults typical for fluorite. Fluoresces
purple/blue in glassy areas

This sphere weighs 13.1 oz or  0.82 lb (373g)
and has a diameter of 2.4" (61mm)
2.35" Diameter Ocean Jasper Sphere with Orbicular Patterns and beautiful crystalline formations. The green accent
patterns enhance the orbicular formations in this Green, Clear, Grey, Tan and White sphere. There are several awesome
vugs lined with crystalline drusy. A special collector sphere from our personal collection

This specimen weighs 9 oz or  0.56 lb (256g) and has a diameter of 2.35" (60mm)

50mm Goldstone Spheres available  
Green, Red and Blue Goldstone Spheres. They
have minor faults typical for goldstone. Very even
Item #RBOSPH11165693
82mm Rainbow Obsidian Sphere

Beautiful Pastel Rainbow Obsidian Sphere. Very
highly polished!

This sphere weighs 24.1 oz or  1.5 lb (683g)
and has a diameter of 3.24" (82mm)
Item #RQSPH11162292
29mm Fine Rutile Quartz Sphere

Beautiful Rutilated Quartz sphere (aka Sagenite,
Venus' Hair Stone and Golden Hair Quartz) This is a
very excellent specimen of Fine Rutile Quartz.

This sphere weighs 1.2 oz (34.5g)
and has a diameter of 1.14" (29mm)
Item #SRSPH11160523
62mm Spiderweb Rhodonite Sphere

Stunning Rhodonite spiderwebbed with Manganese
oxides. This sphere came from our friend Wally
Marks at the old Highway 50&95 rock shop. This
Rhodonite is from Dixie Valley, Churchill Co, NV
This sphere weighs 13 oz or 0.81 lb (369g)
and has a diameter of 2.4" (62mm)
Item #3OJSPH11168894
60mm AA Grade Ocean
Jasper Sphere