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Hyalite and Caliche from Silver Hill NM

A large cabinet Specimen from the Silver Hill Mining area near Magdalena, New Mexico. This specimen is a combination of green Hyalite and pale yellow/orange Caliche. This is a rare  specimen from that area. It displays well in color under SW LW and MW Ultra-Violet light! Fluorescent Photos taken under a Way Too Cool Triple Wave 254/312/368 nm SW/MW/LW 9-Watt Lamp in a blackout box.

Specimen weighs 49 oz or 3.06 lbs (1.39kg) and measures 5.1 x 3.1 x 3.2 inches (13.1 x 7.9 x 8.2cm)

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Weight 3.06 lbs
Dimensions 5.1 × 3.1 × 3.2 in