Rare Dogtooth Calcite with Minor Iridescent Marcasite 5


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This is a very special and rare specimen of dogtooth Calcite with minor natural accent coatings of marcasite crystals that are iridescent in red, green and gold depending upon the light and angle of viewing. Gold and green are the predominant colors. This unique specimen is from Brushy Creek in Reynolds County, Missouri. This fine treasure is from the E&L Roth Western North Carolina 33 year worldwide mineral collection.

This specimen weighs 2.58 oz or 0.16 lb (73g) and measures 2.8 x 2 x 1 inches (7.2 x 5.1 x 2.6 cm)

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2.8 × 2 × 1 in