Thumbnail Fluorescent Specimens from New Jersey

A thumbnail specimen is a small mineral or rock sample that measures about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters). Thumbnails are often collected for their miniature scale. Thumbnail specimens still showcase the aesthetic beauty, crystal structure, and characteristics of different minerals.

Our Thumbnail specimens are mounted with Geo-Tac on white Styrofoam inserts in small clear plastic boxes called “perky boxes.” These boxes allow collectors to safely handle and view the specimen while it is protected from damage and dust. Due to their small size, thumbnail specimens are easy to store, transport, display and trade.

Many of our customers appreciate thumbnail specimens for their affordable cost which allows them to build a really great collection of a lot of rocks, minerals and gems. A thumbnail collection does not require the large and heavy duty storage or display area that larger mineral specimens do. Thumbnails are used by many museums, schools and clubs as valuable teaching tools, enabling people to study and appreciate the beauty and characteristics of minerals without requiring a large amount of space.

We use the mounting putty Geo-Tac in your specimen. We generally use more than necessary to allow you to be able to reposition your specimen in the perky box if you so desire. We are working on listing a group of New Jersey fluorescent mineral thumbnail specimens here which can be enjoyed with a Way Too Cool ultra violet flashlight. (note: you must open the perky box clear lid to see the fluorescent colors of your specimen as the clear lid will block the ultra violet light from reaching your mineral.)


Guide to Mineral Sizes

(MM) - Micro mineral - a small (typically less than 1") piece of matrix with micro crystals unmounted. The term "micro mineral" depends more on the size of the crystals or specific mineral than it does on the size of the matrix. Requires magnification to identify or evaluate.

(MT) Micro mount - a mounted micro specimen, usually in a standard "micro mount" size box (Dimensions: 1.0" x 1.0" x 0.75" (2.54 cm x 2.54 cm x 1.90 cm). The matrix, where present, is typically 3/8 inch or less in maximum dimension. Some micro mounts may consist of a single crystal mounted with no matrix.

(TN) Thumbnail - fits in a standard “Perky" box dimensions 1.25" x 1.25" x 1.25" (3 cm cube).

(MN) Miniature – specimen size ranging from about 1.5 inches to about 2.5 inches across maximum dimension. Fits in a 2” (5 cm) cube

(SC) Small cabinet - 2.5 to 4 inches (6 to 10 cm) across maximum dimensions.

(LC) Large Cabinet – 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) across maximum dimension.

(MUSEUM) Museum (or Extra-Large Cabinet)- more than 6 inches (15 cm) across maximum dimension. These extra-large specimens are commonly referred to as museum…not to designate quality, but only to designate size. XL or XLS cannot be used as XL / XLS are the mining abbreviations for crystal / crystals

These size classifications are not universal. Different mineral dealers may have slightly different dimension standards for what they consider to be miniature, small cabinet, large cabinet and museum or extra-large cabinet. The dimensions for Thumbnail and Micro mount sized minerals are fairly standard because the standard display boxes limit their size.

Many of our customers have requested thumbnail specimens from us, so we are now creating this Thumbnail Specimens page where we will list thumbnail specimens. They will be in random order and like items grouped together whenever possible. You talk, we listen! Happy Thumbnail hunting!

Specimens are set on Mineral Tack unless stated otherwise