Magnifying Loupes are a must have for every rockhound. These Loupes allow close inspection and identification of rocks, minerals and gems and allow you to view the structure and formation of crystal habits. Loupes come in different magnification levels basically from 5X to 20X magnification. There are loupes with single fixed magnification and loupes with multiple lenses for multiple magnification strengths. There are a wide variety of quality levels to choose from. There are Jewelers loupes that cost hundreds of dollars, down to plastic loupes for 99 cents. We have found that our favorite choices for loupes for Rockhounding is in the 10X range.

Loupes are referred to as lens, doublet lens and triplet lens. Increasing the number of lenses decreases the distortion if the lenses are what is known as achromatic lenses. Achromatic lenses are designed to provide proper focal points and reduce distortion. We have an old 16X doublet standard loupe, but it is not as easy to use as a 10X triplet achromatic loupe, nor is the focal clarity as good as the 10X triplet achromatic loupe. No matter which one you choose, a magnifying loupe will increase your ability to better see and identify your rocks, minerals, and gems.

Triplet Loupes
BelOMO 10X Triplet Magnifying Loupe with Lanyard
Triplet Loupes BelOMO 10X Triplet Magnifying Loupe with Lanyard
Item # Bel10XS32

BelOMO 10X Triplet Magnifying Loupe with Lanyard


BelOMO 10X Triplet Magnifying Loupe is made in Belarus, an independent country in the Euro-Russian region. This loupe is manufactured by BelOMA (Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association). This is a high quality, reasonably priced Achromatic Triplet 10X magnifying loupe. It has a magnification ratio of 10 with a focal distance of 1.1" (28mm) with a 0.67" (17mm) diameter field of view. Dimensions are roughly 1/1/2 x 1 x 1 and it weighs roughly 2 oz. The lens folds into the loupe housing to protect it when not in use.

This Loupe comes with an attached BelOMO logo lanyard that is 3/4" wide with a detachable strap and a key ring attachment for versatile use in the field. Wear it on your neck, clip it on your pack or put it in your pocket. This loupe has excellent clarity and focus and is comparable to loupes costing much more.

In our opinion this one beats the competition hands down!