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Item# BAR03148866
Smoky Barite Wafers on
Matrix from Peru
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Item # BAR02138731
XL Barite Specimen from
Sardinia Italy
This XL specimen has 2 large crystal blocks joined at an angle and has smaller
barite crystals on the large flat excellent specimen!
Weighs 0.65 lb (295g) and measures 2.9 x 2.5 x 1.7 inches (74 x 63 x 43mm)
Barite is well known for its wide range of colors and beautiful crystal formations. It is a mineral
specimen that collectors and rockhounds seek to have in their collections. Barite is easy to identify by
its weight, it is a heavy mineral, much heavier than similar minerals. Its name was derived from the
Greek word "barus" which means "heavy". Barite may replace other minerals, wood, shells, and
fossils. It sometimes forms tufa-like mound shaped coatings or specimens from precipitation of hot,
barium-rich geothermal springs.

Controversial arguments still exists in regards to the spelling of Barite. For the last 100 years or so, this
mineral has always been spelled "Barite" in the United States. The Mineralogical Society of America
spells it as "barite" as well as popular magazines like "Rock & Gem Magazine" and popular books like
"The Complete Guide to Rocks & Minerals".

Controversy began in 1978 with new policy decisions from the IMA.  From 1959-1978 the IMA
(International Mineralogical Association) spelled it as "barite" and then changed the spelling to "baryte"
in 1978.  This decision was met with considerable controversy and left many questioning the IMA's
logic behind the change.

In the United Kingdom, the spelling has traditionally been "Baryte".  Most U.S. mineral collectors,
rockhounds, geologists and mineralogists still prefer the spelling as "Barite", We at SpiritRock Shop
will continue to use the traditional United States spelling here on our site as well. We hope our friends
who use the United Kingdom spelling still find our pages and website when searching for Baryte...we
will put it in our key words list.

For more information from Wikipedia....
Item# BFG02130405
Old Stock Barite on Fluorite
with Galena from

This specimen weighs
67.3 oz or 4.2 lb (1908g)
and measures
6.5 x 5.1 x 2.7"
(16.6 x 13.1 x 6.9cm)
This specimen is
Mildly Fluorescent
using a high wattage
SW + LW  lamp...
Recommend 60W or
This is a very interesting Old
Stock Specimen of White to
Wheat colored Barite on a
yellow with purple phantom
Fluorite that has a few Galena
specimens visible.

This super specimen comes
with a historic specimen card
from someone with the initials
BEC and was cataloged in
January of 1964 as specimen
R569. The specimen has the
569 tag on the back.

Specimens from
Cave-in-Rock located in
Hardin County, Illinois have
been highly sought after
specimens since the location
was closed many years ago.

This is a large cabinet display

This piece is mildly
fluorescent under LW UV light
and glows a bluish purple with
a high output lamp

The mines were still open in
1964. The mines shutdown
and were closed around 1968
Item # BARS02142352
Smoky Barite Specimen from
the Linwood Mine
From our personal collection comes this very rare
specimen that has many beautiful smoky Barite crystals
on this plate of excellent specimen from the
Linwood Mine in Buffalo, Scott County, Iowa. Some
crystal tips were chipped around the outer edge during
extraction which is normal for crystal plates.

Weighs 8.2oz or 0.51 lb (233g) and measures
3.9 x 2.5 x 1.3 inches (9.9 x 6.5 x 3.4cm)
This piece is from our personal collection and was procured from the famous St. Marie-aux-mines in 2005.
Specimens from this mine are usually labeled Cerro Warihuyn, Miraflores, Huamalias, Huanuco Department,
Peru (for the hill of the locality).  Large Barite crystal wafers are scattered across this specimen. The piece is in
very good condition. The main crystals are intact but a few are damaged around the edges of the piece from
extraction (that does not detract from the overall aesthetics). Smoky colored Barite Wafers are perched upon
the “miniature desert rose” matrix of this showy piece.
The overall dimensions are 2.6 x 1.6 x 1.3 (6.7 x 4 x 3.4cm). The thickest blade is 2.6 mm thick. These all
natural, terminated tabular crystal clusters are nearly perfect, with natural glassy crystal faces and natural
smoky color. The larger two wafers measure 1.1 x 0.45” (29.5 x 11.5mm) and 0.76 x 0.71” (19.5 x 18.2mm)
Golden Barite on Yellow Calcite from Elk Creek, South Dakota USA
Terminated Barite crystal with light frosting common for the location. A nice
piece for which this location is famous, and it shows well. This locality was
featured in the 2008 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show as one of the 50 best
mineral specimen localities in North America and the location was also
featured in the American Mineral Treasures Book.  Very hard to get these as
few concretions contain the crystals and all locations are on private ranchland
where little collecting has been allowed or done recently. This is one of the
early barite specimens from this locale.
It weighs 4.5oz or 0.28 lb (128g) and measures 2.5 x 2.2 x 1.9 inches (6.4 x 5.6 x 4.9cm)
the crystal measures 0.78 x 0.5 x 0.39 inches (20 x 12 x 10mm)
Item # BAR09163253
Golden Barite on Septarian Nodule
from Elk Creek, SD

This is an Old Stock Barite Specimen from
Cerro Huarihuyn in the Miraflores District,
Huamalíes Province, Huánuco Department,
Peru. We procured it in 1996 from Wally Marks
at Highway 50&95 Rock Shop in Fallon, Nevada.
It has a large Barite cockscomb blade with grey
inclusions, white, grey and clear smaller crystals
with a touch of black tourmaline and some
orange secondary overgrowth. This is one of the
early barite specimens from this locale.

It weighs 1.5oz (43g) and measures
2.4 x 1.4 x 1 inches (62 x 36 x 25mm)
Item # BAR05105581
Barite, Quartz and Black
Tourmaline from Peru  

This is an attractive Specimen from the ACF
mine in Meknès-Tafilalet, Khénifra,
Mibladen, Morocco.  It has Pink-salmon
blades, 18mm, with clear small Cerussite
crystals up to 4.3mm. specimen is set in
mineral tack on a 32mm polished acrylic

It weighs 2.56oz (73g) and measures
1.9 x 1.1 x 1 inches (49 x 28 x 25mm)
Item # BAR10159990
Salmon Pink Barite Blades with
Clear Cerrusite from Morocco

These unique Barite Blades were picked up during one of our
road trips in the 1980's from a roadside rock shop near
Kingman, Arizona.
Specimen weighs 6.94oz 0.43 lbs (197g)
and measures 3.9 x 3 x 1.5" (10 x 7.6 x 4 cm)
Item # 1BARB12202180
Barite Blades from Arizona

These unique Barite Blades were picked up during one of our
road trips in the 1980's from a roadside rock shop near
Kingman, Arizona.
Specimen weighs 12.9oz 0.8 lbs (366g)
and measures 3 x 2.7 x 1.6" (7.8 x 6.8 x 4.2 cm)
Item # 2BARB12200561
Barite Blades from Arizona