Many of the Brazilian Agate slabs listed here are Agate specimens we procured from two Old Stock sources. Some are from the Old Comstock Pewter Factory in Durango Colorado which operated in the 1990.s.

Some of the agate slabs listed here came from the E&L Roth Collection which is over 34 years old. Some of these amazing old stock slabs have stunning dendrites (moss) and are the larger size agates which have not been available for many years now.

Brazil has been "top grading" their agates, which have pretty much all been sold off to China. The Brazilian agate imported to the USA lately is lower quality agate that is dyed to make it look better or smaller specimens pre-cut and polished as "export" agate.

Brazilian agate rough stock has become harder to find in the past few years, and with the quality decreasing significantly. It's nice to find some desirable old stock specimens from time to time. It is typical and normal to see that the majority of agate slabs will have natural fractures due to the brittleness of the agates.


Agate Slab 1 (1)
Agate Slab 1 (3)
Agate Slab 1 (2)
Agate Slab 1 (4)
Agate Slab 1 (1) Agate Slab 1 (3) Agate Slab 1 (2) Agate Slab 1 (4)
Item #1-BAS03230001

Matte Finished Natural Brazilian Agate Slab


Matte finished on 2 sides carnelian agate slab from our Agate collection! This unique slab has crystalline, tube agate, fortification lines, swirls and carnelian splotches, one with a drusy vug. This has very interesting patterns that become easily visible when viewed with a backlight or natural light.

It weighs 2 oz or 0.12 lbs (58g) and measures 4.3 x 2.7 x 0.15 inches (109 x 68 x 3.7 mm)

Agate Slab 3 (1)
Agate Slab 3 (3)
Agate Slab 3 (2)
Agate Slab 3 (4)
Agate Slab 3 (1) Agate Slab 3 (3) Agate Slab 3 (2) Agate Slab 3 (4)
Item #3-BAS0323LR50

Polished Natural Brazilian Agate Slab


This is a very nice carnelian agate slab polished both sides with fortification bands. It has shades of grey, white tan and browns. This has natural fractures and also a chip by the edge.

It weighs 3.1 oz or 0.19 lbs (89g) and measures 4.4 x 3.8 x 0.18 inches (112 x 97 x 4.6 mm)