Splash Copper Sculptures


Liquid copper in a crucible is pulled from the furnace at 2200degrees F


Kirsten Gumm Discovery Channel's Cash &Treasures did an episode showing this product at Keweenaw Gem & Gift, Inc.


Liquid copper in a crucible is poured into trays of straw and water. It cools quickly, forming amazing shapes.

When the shapes are cooled, a green or turquoise-colored chemical patina is applied using a copper carbonate, then highlights are buff polished to expose the solid copper raised areas. The finished sculptures are finally sprayed with a clear acrylic finish to prevent the copper from tarnishing. (Shown Above)


Kirsten Gumm Discovery Channel's Cash & Treasures

Copper Prices have increased so much during the last decade because of the worldwide demand for copper that our treasury stopped minting pure copper pennies because they were worth 2 or 3 times face value as raw copper.

Companies have now begun to produce .999 pure copper ingots as financial investments...bottom line...the cost of copper will continue to rise! Get your specimens while they are still available.

Medium and Large Splash Copper Sculptures from the 2023 Franklin, NC Gem and Mineral Shows are now in stock