Brazilian Agate Geodes

Brazilian Agate Geodes are a favorite collector item. Sadly, the majority of the Brazilian Agate Geodes available are commercially dyed to be Blue, Pink, Teal, Purple, Green, Brown and Orange. This is done to make a pure grey piece "look better". We very rarely list any pieces that have been dyed, and if we do we will inform you in the listing.

Natural Brazilian Agate Geodes are amazing. They have agate exteriors with crystalline, banded or wild agate formations which may include tubes, flowers and dendrites to name a few. The center vugs can be drusi crystals, large crystals, amethyst, botryoidal formations, combinations with goethite and an unbelievable array of different minerals and shapes. "Mother Natures Art" always wins! We try to provide nice natural pieces without getting into the very expensive category.


Agate 33 (3)
Agate 33 (2)
Agate 33 (1)
Agate 33 (4)
Agate 33 (3) Agate 33 (2) Agate 33 (1) Agate 33 (4)
Item# 1-33BAG009215943

Crystalline White Skin Agate Geode with Goethite



Beautiful crystalline formation with a crystalline center with specks of Goethite in the vug. There is a light tan and translucent tan-grey agate banding with orange-brown  working outward towards the white skin of this amazing agate. It has a polished face and is a very nice display specimen from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

This specimen measures 4.4 x 3.7 x 2.5" (11.4 x 9.4 x 6.4cm) and weighs 28.9oz or 1.81 lbs (822g)

Agate 34 (4)
Agate 34 (3)
Agate 34 (5)
Agate 34 (6)
Agate 34 (4) Agate 34 (3) Agate 34 (5) Agate 34 (6)
Item# 2-34BAG09215992

Crystalline Carnelian Agate Geode with Drusy Vug


Beautiful Carnelian agate with a crystalline formation with drusy coated vug. The crystalline surrounding the vug accents the deep carnelian outer band with the intriguing center cream surrounded vug. It has a polished face and is an excellent display!

This specimen measures 4.2 x 3.2 x 2.3" (10.6 x 8.2 x 5.8cm) and weighs 24.1oz or 1.5 lbs (686g)