Thundereggs Lucky Strike Mine

"The Lucky Strike and Valley View Thunder Eggs Mines have Agates with the best range in colors, probably in the world. The eggs contain mosses, banded agate, fortification, plumes and geodes."

Lucky Strike Mine is in the Ochoco Mountains not far from Prineville. This site was discovered and then claimed by a famous miner named Leonard Kopinsky in the 1930s, and since remains popular among enthusiastic rockhounds.

The Lucky Strike mine provides a great opportunity to collect beautiful thunder eggs that are well-known for their various colors and styles. The internal cavities are composed of agate containing mosses, plumes, and banding. Some specimens might have hollows with multiple layers of agate including botryoidal agate or quartz crystal.

Leonard Kopcinski (Kop) was the owner. His widow Cindy is now the owner to the best of our knowledge. The Lucky Strike Mine is located a mile high in the scenic Ochoco mountains about thirty-five miles northeast of Prineville, Oregon.

The Lucky Strike Mine gift Shop and Museum is located in Mitchell, Oregon on Route 26. The actual mine is some 35 miles away (mine fees are $3.50 a lb with a 20lb minimum). The gift shop and Museum is owned by Leonard Kopcinski's widow Cindy. There are lots of Thunder Eggs there for sale (both cut and uncut). The museum entrance fee is $5 and is well worth it as there are some stunning samples there. It also depicts the plight of the old owner (Leonard) as the US government tried for years to shut down the mining operation of this 79 year old veteran. Thanks Kop for never giving in! The museum is well worth it especially if you're staying in Mitchell. The old website is shut down and now info is available on facebook at their account shown below. The hours and seasons vary and if you decide to visit, contact them and make sure when they will be open.

(541) 362-1915

This is one of very few pay-to-dig places left in the State. This is a great place to visit! Spend some time digging beautiful specimens of Thundereggs! If you are too tired to dig for your own Thundereggs, then they usually have plenty already dug out at the museum and store.