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To Quote the people we got this unique specimen from...

"Something Brand new from our shop this year! This is a massive 4+ lb agate nodule from Deming, NM. It's cut as a
stand-up display specimen to show off all the color in the green, blue, gold, white and red agate as well as the
amazing sagenite needle like inclusions. There is a stunningly beautiful and most interesting arrangement of sagenite
needles framing the contours of the fortification bands. I'd only seen a couple of these in my life and was able to get
some huge pieces to work last summer.

Deming Agate was always something of a myth in my mind. I'd heard about it for years, and every now and then I'd
see a small colorful piece of agate that had been mostly carved away to nothing in a cabochon that the owner would
proudly announce was Deming agate, but I'd never seen it in the rough until this summer. I was stunned to see such
massive nodules. Some people call it a seem agate, but it looks more like the kind of kinked extruded form you see in
thunderegg agate lenses when the matrix wears away. It's apparently mined in fairly hard rock and difficult to extract.
Most of what I saw didn't have a lot of color, it was largely quartz - but a few choice pieces were fancy enough to bring
home and get to work on!"

This is also the very first large piece of Deming, New Mexico Agate we have ever seen. In trying to describe this
agate, it became obvious the quote we used from our supplier of this specimen said it best!
So in keeping with proper etiquette, all credit here goes to
for this exceptional write up on Deming Agate....

This is a rare and showy agate with a gorgeous mirror polished face from that well known rock and mineral town of Deming,
New Mexico. This is a mantle sized collector specimen that weighs  a massive 4lbs 1.5oz (1.85kg). This piece is cut as a
stand up display to show off all the color in the green, blue, gold, white and red agate as well as the amazing sagenite needle
like inclusions. This exceptional stone is cut flat on one side that is 5.8" (14.8cm) long by 2.8" (2.1cm) wide to give an angled
display of the polished surface which measures 2.8 x 7.7" (7.1 x 19.7cm) and stands 4.9" (12.6cm) high at the back edge.

This is truly a "One of a Kind....Not Another One Like it in the World" specimen
Item# DEMA04135538

Very Rare XL Agate
Nodule from Deming, NM

Big Diggins Agate!
Big Diggins mine is located near Deming, New Mexico in Luna County. " Little Diggins Mine" is owned by Rich Little and It is
located where the "Original Big Diggins" was established and that is where he now mines this wonderful Agate. I have been
told that “Big Diggins” was written up in National Geographic in the 1950’s as having the most diverse agate found in one
location in all of the United States.
This particuluar piece looks like a pseudo formation resembling a Laguna Agate. Amazing pink centered clear crystal with
nice fortifications lines in yellow and white and red. A very unique agate!
Specimen weighs 0.99lbs (450g) and measures 4.4 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches (11.4 x 6 x 5.9cm)
Item # DEMA04132951
Big Digguns Agate from
Deming, NM

This is a well polished agate nodule half from Western New Mexico that we picked up several years ago. It has a sagenite
needle or moss plume like pattern that is common in New Mexico Agates. It has a bluish-grey chalcedony banded fill with a
orange-tan center. There is a small drusy Quartz lined vug in this very unique agate!
Specimen weighs 13.4 oz or 0.84 lbs (381g) and measures 4.6 x 2.1 x 1.9 inches (11.8 x 5.4 x 4.8 cm)
Item # DEMA11140599
XL Polished New Mexico
Agate Noduled