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A wonderful unique Agate is finished in a very artistic way...the outside of the agate is ground down across its rough pitted
surfaces. The depth of the grind depends upon the pattern revealed. The surface is then highly Freeform polished to a
brilliant shine. The natural faults in the agate have absorbed water and leech minerals have formed dendritic type patterns
within these irregularities. Where these agates are found exactly is still a "Trade Secret" from our supplier who got this one
from a German Mineral Dealer several years ago. They have an appearance that is a cross between Black Skin Agates,
Dendritic Agates, River Agates and Carnelian Agates. Our supplier called this a
Picasso Agate...we believe it has the
name because of the excellent artistic finish and patterns that were uncovered in the works of natural rock formation.

This extraordinary Picasso
Agate is from our personal
collection. We obtained this
piece from a dealer who
bought this from a German
Mineral Dealer at the Tucson
Show several years ago.

We asked the dealer where
the agate came from...she
said Germany, that is what
the seller told her. This
peaked my interest because
Idar-Oberstein imported
large quantities of agate from
Brazil, as ship's ballast
around the turn of the 20th
century. Idar-Oberstein was
famous for its beautiful agate
stone work. Could this be
from that area...we don't
know for sure where on earth
this specimen came from but
it is stunning enough and
mysterious enough that we
bought it and have had it in
our personal collection for
years now.

People have asked why we
are selling off some of our
personal collection...
simple...we moved and have
a much smaller place and do
not have room for the
massive collection we
obtained over the last 40
years or more so we are
selling some on our site...we
hope you enjoy them as
much as we do!
(Photos taken dry, outdoors
in natural sunlight)

This stone weighs
103 oz or 6.46lb  (2.93kg)
and measures
7.4 x 4.9 x 3.3"
(18.7 x 12.6 x 8.4cm)
Item# PCAG021300939
XL Free Form Picasso Agate

For more information on Agates
There are dendtite patterns all over
this stone. They are amazing to
look at and discover!
Item# PCAG021300939
Small Free Form
Picasso Agate

Picasso Agate we found in a rock shop in Wisconsin

We found this beautiful Agate at a small rock shop in Madison, Wisconsin during our trip to discover the
glacial path through Wisconsin.

his specimen weighs 1.92 oz or 0.12 lb (54g)
and measures 1.7 x 1.4 x 0.94 inches (4.3 x 3.7 x 2.4cm