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Item # TG03127290
Trancas Geode from Mexico


This specimen weighs 8.1oz (230g) and measures
3.1 x 2.7 x 2.4 inches (80 x 70 x 57mm)

Mexico has long been famous for its Geodes. This is a very
Thin skinned Trancas Geode we picked up about 5 years ago.
It is from Chihuahua province, Mexico. It has a flat surface with
a small natural hole that we have peered into for years now,
trying to decide whether to cut this one open or not. Anyway,
after years of debating we decided to put it on our site and let
you own it and decide ...Keep it whole?... Open it?
We Put this under SW Fluorescent lamp and saw small sections
of green fluorescent glow through the small hole so we know
this is a fluorescent Geode.