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Item # MGM12135267
Rare 61g Glorieta Mountain
Siderite Etched Slab

61g Glorieta Mountain Etched Siderite Slab
A rare specimen of Glorieta Mountain Siderite etched showing the Widmanstatten Pattern. Has light Rust, has been
oiled to prevent further rust formation. This piece is from the Michael Cottingham collection.

measures 3.73 x 1.51 x 0.10 inches (94.9 x 38.4 x 2.7mm)
Glorieta Mountain Meteorite
Glorieta Mountain Meteorites
Meteorite Type: Stony Iron
Classification:  Pallasite MG - an
Location: Sante Fe County, New Mexico, U.S.A.
Discovered: May, 1884
Total Known Weight:  > 400 kg
The Glorieta is a pallasite, but many of the pieces found are all iron. We use the word siderite to describe an all iron
specimen. The small meteorites (under 50 grams) were mostly pallasite's, they showed at least a little olivine. The
bigger pieces over a kilo, seem to be split about half and half between pallasite's and siderites.

The Glorieta is from Santa Fe County New Mexico it is a stony iron pallasite. It is a medium octahedrite band width
0.85 Glorieta Mountain siderites are some of the rarest and most difficult to find irons in the world. The strewn field
is located in an extremely rugged region of New Mexico criss-crossed with mountain, canyons and deep ravines.
To top it off the region is quite heavily wooded making it far from an ideal location to hunt meteorites.