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Item # MMU12133643
37g Mundrabilla Meteorite
from Australia

37g Mundrabilla Meteorite from Australia
This Rare specimen displays the orange patina famous in the Australian Plain. This very nice piece displays with the
u shaped formation lying down or it free stands with them pointing up.

This piece measures 1.88 x 1.0 x 0.654 inches (47.8 x 25.5 x 16.6mm)
Mundrabilla Meteorite
Mundrabilla Meteorites
Meteorite Type: Iron
Group: IAB   Ungrouped
Structural Classification: Silicated Medium
Location:  Western Australia, Australia
Discovered: 1911    
TKW: 1000 + kg
Three small masses assigned to what is referred to as the Mundrabilla meteor shower, were found in 1911 and
1918 on the Nullabor Plain near Mundrabilla.  In March 1966, two larger masses of about 8 and 11 tons were found
by geologists R. Wison and A. Cooney and described under the name Mundrabilla; the larger mass of Mundrabilla
is in Perth (Western Australian Museum), the smaller mass went to Adelaide Museum, then to Heidelberg for cutting
and distribution. Since their discovery many more pieces have been found in the 100 km long strewn field, which is
one of the largest in the world.