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Seymchan is a pallasite meteorite found in the dry bed of the river Hekandue, a left tributary of river Jasačnaja in
the Magadan district, Russia, near the settlement of Seymchan, in June 1967. The Seymchan meteorite is
classified as a Pallasite but some specimens are all iron and are called Seymchan Siderite. The original two
pieces discovered are protected in museums. However, several years ago exploration of the find area has
resulted in a signification number of additional masses being found. While many masses have olivine crystals
characteristic of it's Pallasite classification, other pieces are nearly solid metal. Seymchan Siderite meteorites
are very attractive when etched.
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Item # MSYM121300591
65g Seymchan Pallasite Thick
Slab Polished One Side

Seymchan Pallasite/Siderite Meteorite
Meteorite Type: Stony Iron
Classification: Pallasite PGM
Location:  Magadan, Russia
Discovered: 1967
Total Known Weight:  999+ kg   
65g Seymchan Pallasite Thick Slab Polished One Side
A very nice thick specimen slab of this pallasite. I was going to mount it to a stone and cut 2 thin slabs out of this and
polish them. This would bring great value increases to each slice. 1mm thick slabs make excellent pallasite displays
showing the olivine windows in the pallasite. Sunlit views of this piece show the olivine sections. A rare find at this
low price!
measures 2.22 x 2.19 x 0.23 inches (56.4 x 55.7 x 5.8mm)