Orbicular Ocean Jasper

The Lapidary Journal reported this description:

“This new rock has been found along the northwest coast of Madagascar after years of unsuccessful searching. The deposit formed as a rhyolite flow but has been completely silicified. The rhyolitic eyes or orbs come in an astonishing array of colors and color combinations. The background can be white, pink, green, red, or yellow. Botryoidal formations as well as white and deep green druzy are also common. The deposit has been discovered at the edge of the ocean. It can only be seen and collected at low tide. The area has no road so the material must be transported to civilization by boat.”

This stone is immediately recognizable by its concentric rings of color, earning at the name "Orbicular Ocean Jasper." The most common colors are greens and whites, with the less common colors of pinks and yellows also appearing in some specimens.

Ocean jasper is one of the most collectible stones in recent times. Word that the mine is running out or empty seems to be true, as quality specimens are becoming harder to find with each passing day. This stones colors, patterns and shapes amaze and delight! It is another of nature’s wonderful masterpieces. This stone is also known as the “Atlantis Stone” because it was found in the turn of the New Millennium under the ocean.


Ocean Jasper only comes from Madagascar. It is found in the Analalava district of the Sofia region in the former province of Mahajanga. The first of the currently known eight veins was mined from 1999-2006, the second from 2005 to 2006. After those were played out Ocean Jasper was scarce until around 2013 when more was found. Like most minerals, the earlier specimens tended to be the most in demand as quality and color tend to decrease or the patterns become different with each new find.

There are actually two different deposits in Madagascar which are about 16 kilometers apart. The original was on the Marovato coastline and is known for its contrasting multicolored orbicular formations, translucency, and occasional drusy coating. More recently a deposit was found about 2.5 kilometers inland near Kabamby. The Kabamby specimens tend to be green and yellow in color.

Although there are currently still specimens of Ocean Jasper available, finding quality colors, formations and specimens is a never ending task…we are constantly looking for the best specimens for our customers. We normally attend the shows in May and July in Franklin, NC

Ocean Jasper 4 (2)
Ocean Jasper 4 (4)
Ocean Jasper 4 (5)
Ocean Jasper 4 (3)
Ocean Jasper 4 (2) Ocean Jasper 4 (4) Ocean Jasper 4 (5) Ocean Jasper 4 (3)
Item# 4OJSP06230543

Drusy "Snow Capped" Small Ocean Jasper Polished Display from Madagascar



This is a very nice small Ocean Jasper display from Madagascar.  It is Dark Green with orbicular shapes in that desirable pink color and accented with white towards the top which looks like it is snow capped with white drusy crystals. This is an excellent small display specimen. It is cut flat on the bottom and is free standing.

Weighs 1.46 oz. (41 g) and Measures 1.5 x 1.1 x 1 inches (3.8 x 2.8 x 2.5 cm)

Ocean Jasper 5 (1)
Ocean Jasper 5 (2)
Ocean Jasper 5 (1) Ocean Jasper 5 (2)
Item# 5OJPS06230060

Small Ocean Jasper Polished Face End Cut Slab from Madagascar



This is a beautiful small end cut slab.  It is light Green with orbicular shapes in varying shades of white and tan patterns.

Weighs 1.56oz. or 0.09 lb. (44g) and Measures 2.5 x 1.3 x 0.63 inches (6.3 x 3.3 x 1.6 cm)