Youngite is the name given to the variety of druzy quartz coated, brecciated jasper that is only found in one specific location, in the natural caves and veins in the Mississippian limestone near Guernsey in Platte County, Eastern Wyoming, USA. The most notable locale that produced some excellent specimens is the Hartville Uplift. Although specimens are still available from time to time the mining locations are now closed.

Youngite is widely sought after due to its uniquely artistic and chaotic, blends of colors. It forms via a process called brecciation, in this case fragmented pieces of jasper were cemented together by silica rich waters that formed quartz and chalcedony around and between them. This random formation process of cementing various pieces of jasper together produces youngite’s variety of jasper colors including those from a light tan, to a pretty peach, brown, reddish, salmon and variations of these colors.and sometimes even sky blue, white, or yellow-gold.

Youngite is also highly fluorescent under shortwave Ultra Violet (SWUV) lighting. It glows a bright neon green color that is quite fantastic to see. In its natural rough form, Youngite is a spectacular daylight visual display, with its odd shapes and druzy quartz coatings. Slabs of Youngite are where this variety of brecciated  jasper truly shines, as you can now see the internal brecciated patterns in addition to the translucence visible when backlit (like holding it up to a light or the sky) and the wonderful neon glow seen under SWUV light.

Youngite is a fluorescent rock that can be found in both daylight and ultra violet displays at many museums. The material is very hard and is used in making cabochons and other jewelry pieces. It polishes well and makes excellent display specimens for the collector.

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